Final Fantasy sale launches on PlayStation Store

Jamie Feltham
January 22, 2014

Looking to get your JRPG fix before the release of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII? Sony has you covered with a Final Fantasy sale.

A huge franchise sale has been announced over at the PlayStation Blog. It includes the first two games, the completely collection of Final Fantasy IV and then Final Fantasy V – IX. Apart from FFIV ( £7.99), they’re all priced at £3.99 with a further ten percent discount for PS Plus members. While IV is playable PSP and Vita, the rest are available on PS3 too.

Also in the Final Fantasy sale is XIII-2 on PS3, the recently-released XIV and spin-offs including War of the Lions, Dissidia and its sequel.

Thats not a bad line up. A demo for Lightning Returns will also hit the Store update this week.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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