Fill up the tank faster with Smartphone payments

Thomas Wellburn
July 27, 2015

Shell has rolled out a new smartphone application which allows users to pay for fuel without ever needing to leave the pumps.

If you’ve ever wanted to fill up on petrol quickly without needing to hand over any cash, this might be of interest to you. Fill Up and Go is the newest 21st century way of paying for petrol, requiring only a smartphone and bank account. The mobile payment system works in conjunction with the Shell Motorist app and Paypal.

You’re probably wondering what’s stopping you from simply driving away without paying for the fuel, right? Well, the app is directly linked to the pumps, so there’s no chance of that. You first tap ‘Fill Up and Go’ on the application before entering the maximum amount of money you wish to spend (from £5). You’ll then get an authorisation message telling you to start re-fuelling and the pump will automatically stop when it reaches the amount. At that point, everything is done and the money is taken from your Paypal account. Simple.

The app will record every fuel transaction taken within it, so you’ll be able to manage the bills and keep a tab on your costs. The application is available for both iOS and Android right now.

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