Even men fake it now and again

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October 29, 2008

According to research by 3, almost a third of men and three quarters of 18-24 year olds are guilty of communifaking – the practice of ‘simulating social interaction via telephone in order to avoid looking like a Billy-no-mates’, i.e. pretending to be on the phone when you’re not.

Picture the scenario; you’ve arrived in a pub first and the people you’re going to meet aren’t there. You sit down, order a drink, take out your phone and pretend to start texting. What’s the alternative? Staring at the wall, or making smalltalk with the drunk that’s been there since the pub opened?

You aren’t the only one though. Hurrah! Waiting for friends is the most common reason we communifake, but the next most popular reason is using the phone to avoid talking to someone we’ve just spotted. Even having a partner popping to the toilet is enough to trigger the use of the phone.

So whatever happened to just reading a newspaper?

The upside is that at least you can now sleep easy knowing that it’s okay to fake it. Plenty of people do it every day and it’s no longer a big deal.



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