Elephone 9000 to have bezel-less screen?

Thomas Wellburn
November 25, 2015

The upcoming Elephone 9000 could have a bezel-less screen, according to newly leaked images.

We’ve heard plenty of rumours regarding bezel-less screens and most of them tend to be exactly that; a little white lie with zero substance. Sony has talked about and so has LG… Now we can add newcomer Elephone to the list. The Chinese manufacturer has just released some promotional images ahead of the launch of their new P9000 smartphone and it’s looking pretty promising. 3D-Curved Glass and a Bezel-less design with ‘zero frame’ are mentioned in the pictures, which indicate a very premium looking handset indeed. Obviously, we can’t say for sure until the phone is actually released, as companies have a habit of exaggerating a bit on the run-up to release. Still, we have to say that this one has got us a little excited.

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Via GizChina

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