EE customers complain of signal loss as outages hit across the UK

Paul Lipscombe
May 21, 2019

The capital has been among the worst affected according to DownDetector 

EE has experienced outages across the UK as a number of EE customers have complained on social media criticising the network for a loss in signal. 

Customers said that they couldn’t make or receive calls, as it emerged that the UK’s largest network experienced issues from around 8:32am this morning. 

London is the among the worst affected as DownDetector, which measures outages across the UK and has shown that the outages have happened across the country.

Nationwide: EE outages across the UK as of 1:21pm

In a statement, EE acknowledged the issues that its customers have faced but said the outage has been resolved.

An EE spokesperson said: “Some of our customers have experienced intermittent problems making calls on 4G this morning. This issue has been resolved for the majority of those affected, and normal service for all customers should resume shortly. 

“Calls over 3G, data services and text messages have not been affected so customers have been able to get online and use apps and messaging services as normal. We apologise to our customers for the inconvenience caused.”

uSwitch mobiles expert Ru Bhikha added: “EE is generally highly regarded for its reliability, consistently ranking low in Ofcom’s complaints data, and we all accept that things can go wrong – it is how networks respond that is the real test.

“EE needs to get on the front foot quickly, or risk customers frustration growing among its large customer base.” 

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