EE 4G+ launches, enabling speeds of 360Mbps

Manny Pham
September 6, 2016

EE 4G speeds are getting a hefty upgrade as the UK network is now flipping the switch on Cat 9 technology, enabling 4G+.

It was two years ago EE flicked the switch enabling Cat 6 devices to hit the 4G speeds we enjoy now. Now the UK network is giving its 4G customers a significant upgrade, that would embarrass most home broadband connections.

The new mobile data connection is the fastest achievable in the UK according to EE. Theoretically Cat 9 devices can actually handle speeds up to 450Mbps, EE are stating commercial speeds can only hit past 360Mbps. We say ‘only’ but at 360Mbps, you can download a HD film in mere seconds.

EE 4G+ compatible devices 

Very few devices currently have Cat 9 in tow, a vital component to soaking up all that sweet, sweet mobile data. Compatible devices are: the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+, S7, S7 Edge and HTC 10. The Galaxy Note 7 is also Cat 9, capable of EE 4G+. That is if it hasn’t caught on fire or recalled.

The new Cat 9 network is live at EE’s testbed, Wembley Stadium. EE plan to spread the Cat 9 network to other parts of London, including tech city in east London. Manchester and Birmingham are the only two other cities so far to be in EE’s plan. The stated locations should see the exciting new speed bump by the end of the year. The UK network expect to have Cat 9 masses on over 500 masts.

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