EASA clears tablets, others for European flights

Jamie Feltham
November 14, 2013

Dream of using your iPad while taking off on a flight in Europe? Okay it’s a pretty specific complaint, but we’re sure it bugs some people. You may want to give the European Aviation Safety Agency (or EASA) a big hug, then.

The organisation is to publish new guidelines that clears Apple’s tablet and a whole host of other devices for use at all stages of a journey. That means you can switch on your tablet/other gizmo as soon as you sit down and keep it on all the way until you arrive (providing the battery is up to snuff).

It still has some limits though – laptops are still restricted in their use, and airlines themselves are yet to relax their own rules on the situation.

It could even be that the EASA approves the use of mobile phone calls in the near future.

Source: Wired

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