Ear Candy: Hearing aids join the wearable tech revolution

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November 27, 2018

  • App control and portable charging comes to the next generation of hearing aids.
  • NEW Styletto by Signia has a premium design and choice of colours.

The next generation of digital hearing aids is here, thanks to a new device, which puts technology, innovation, usability and stylish design at its core. NEW Styletto by Signia is a revolutionary hearing aid that is more like a piece of high-end wearable tech than a medical device.

Styletto’s companion app allows users to control volume and audio settings from Apple and Android phones. The app also offers dedicated audio and technical support features to assist learning and troubleshooting for greater ease of use.

Borrowing from the usability of modern wearable technology, the Styletto also provides users with freedom and flexibility unlike any other hearing aid before. The device charges exactly like the latest true wireless earphones, with fully rechargeable built-in lithium-ion batteries. It also comes with its own portable charging dock which allows up to four days of continuous use on the go without the need to go home to power up. The charging dock is so small it easily fits into a shirt pocket, making it
really portable.

As with all Signia products, Styletto does not fail to deliver on sound quality, giving crisp and perfect audio to the user. Signia’s NX Audiology technology ensures industry-leading sound and a top-quality natural voice processor.

Signia designed the Styletto hearing device to fill a gap in a constantly evolving health device market – a hearing aid that consumers will be proud to wear, and which addresses the needs of ‘baby boomers’ for whom quality, design and function is critically more important than that of previous generations.

In a further survey, the top reasons for not wearing a hearing aid were that it would be uncomfortable (57%) and embarrassing to wear (56%). Maarten Barmentlo, Signia’s marketing lead, said “Hearing aids have long been associated as being out of date and not at the cutting edge of today’s cool technology and we wanted to change that perception. Styletto has implemented the best possible technology to ensure that not only does the product deliver incredible sound, but is also a very user-friendly device.”

Hearing expert Geoffrey Cooling commented: “Experts have long been flagging the increasing rates of consumers who do not wear a hearing aid, but who are damaging their quality of life in not doing so. It’s a real shame that so many people are put off by wearing a hearing aid when so many of them would really benefit. Audiology technologies have come on in leaps and bounds in recent years and people need to be made aware of this. It can be really damaging to let hearing loss go untreated, and it can be a really isolating experience.”

71% of hearing aid wearers wish they had got one sooner, with the main reasons being that it would give them a better social life (63%), better mental/emotional health (39%), better performance at work (23%), and less fatigue in the evening (19%).
As well as technology, two other key components of the Signia concept are design and wearability. It is the first truly desirable hearing aid built with beautiful, tactile materials in a choice of three striking brushed-metal finishes. It looks more like a piece of high-end wearable tech than a medical device. It borrows design language we are familiar with, with a seamless, slim form factor and smooth lines. It is a genuinely gorgeous object. The Styletto also allows genuine freedom for the user.

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