Dyno Gems game review

Chris James
November 19, 2010

There’s certainly no shortage of match-three puzzle games on mobile at the moment, so any new arrival needs to add something extra if it’s going to stand out. In the case of Dyno Gems, it appears they’ve gone for file size.

Actually that’s perhaps a little bit harsh, because whilst at 10MB the game is considerably larger than most marketplace offerings, it does also boast nicer visuals than most of the competition and a slight variation on controls. Hence, although you are faced with a familiar grid which fills up with falling gems that need matching, the method here is not to swap neighbours but rather to suck up to three into your dyno-mouth and then double-tap to fire them back onto the screen.

The mechanic works well enough (despite some occasional fiddliness with the double tap to fire method) and together with some neat effects (we particularly liked the sound of children shouting joyfully when you win) adds up to a fun variation on a well-worn genre.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Platform Android

Price £2.99

From Android Marketplace

Publisher Mobi Ap

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