Driverless cars coming to Milton Keynes

Jamie Feltham
November 8, 2013

Who’s have thought that it would be Milton Keynes that would first arrive in the future? Certainly not us, but driverless cars could coming to the area in a few years time.

Plans have been announced to unleash a wave of electric-powered pods in 2015. Users will be able to upload a smartphone app to order cars that carry up to two people. There’s even built-in touchscreens that passengers can use to check the web and emails as well as play games.

The cars themselves have just three wheels, and on-board sensors will stop unwanted collisions and such taking place. Although they run at a 12 mph limit, so they won’t be causing much damage either way.

Right now it’s thought that the first cars will run a simple mile trip from a shopping centre to the train station. If successful then obviously they’d be running elsewhere too. We could seem them coming into use during busy periods at the National Bowl.

Don’t expect them to be in mass-use though. Just 20 will be released in 2015, with the number brought to 100 by 2017. It’s a £1.5 million initiative designed to encourage low-carbon tech. Are driverless cars the future of transport?

Source: Digital Trends

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