Doro 8030 gets quietly announced

Thomas Wellburn
February 22, 2016

Today at Mobile World Congress, Doro announced a brand new handset to add to its ever-expanding range of devices – the Doro 8030.

The Doro 8030 is only the second LTE device to join the Doro handset family and definitely ranks as one of their more premium devices. Available in a grippy black plastic finish with steel trim, the handset comes with a unique user interface that uses verbs to drive the user’s actions, rather than traditional icons. The company says it has researched the market and concluded that most modern smartphones are difficult to use for first timers. Their solution is an interface which provides a logical step-by-step guide to delivering tasks.

The new interface is far more contextual than previous, with icons replaced with action-based words that are context sensitive. For example, by hitting ‘Call’, ‘View’ or ‘Send’, users are then given various contextual options such as ‘Who’ or ‘What’. On top of this, the device features all the usual features that come as standard in most other Doro handsets. That includes crisp loud sound, Hearing Aid Compatibility and a soft touch coating for better grip. You also get the benefit of the My Doro Manager app, which allows someone to monitor the users activity and offer remote help/ support when that person runs into trouble using the device.

Doro 8030 - Black & Steel (front)


  • 4G / LTE technology
  • 4.5 “IPS HD screen
  • Based on Android 5.1 (Lollipop)
  • Certified Google „¢ and Google Play „¢
  • 8GB storage and 1GB of RAM
  • 5-megapixel camera with flash and video
  • Hearing aid compatible (HAC)
  • HD Voice
  • Security Button with GPS positioning
  • Built-in assistant that shows and tells how the different functions work
  • My Doro Manager so that relatives can easily help with functions and settings remotely
  • Horizontal charging station, which also serves as a clock, alarm and electronic image viewer.Also has a “do not disturb” mode.

The Doro 8030 will be available exclusively through O2 in the UK, both in-store nationwide and online. The handset will be priced at an attractively cheap £99 on Pay As You Go.

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