Dedicated Android app for Google’s Daydream V

Matthew Cook
July 31, 2018

Google’s Virtual Reality (VR) platform finally has a Google Chrome Android App.

Launched back in 2016 the Daydream platform has been the foundation host for mobile-enabled and VR headsets.

Yet many customers have complained about the lack of an Android app option for headsets like the Lenovo Mirage Solo. Now customers can install Chrome from the Play app store.

Although with products like the Daydream View VR customers will have to update their Chrome app on their devices before you can use the headset.

The new update will allow you to access Google Daydream news, features and any chosen updates within the aggregation options.

The app includes bookmark storage, internet navigation through voice control and even incognito VR browsing.

Although the functions on the newly created application platform has been well received, many have seen this as well overdue, as the VR headset was released 18 months ago.

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