Currys, PC World stocking iPad Mini now, Apple working on supply

Jamie Feltham
November 13, 2013

It seems like the new iPad Mini is finally getting a widespread release. While the tablet went on sale on the Apple online store yesterday, it’s hit UK retailer Currys and PC World. Not surprising that it’s come to both, seeing as the two merged together some time ago.

But don’t expect to find the retina display device with ease – Apple has confirmed it’s working hard to combat supply issues. In a press release company exec Phil Schiller noted, “We’re working hard to get as many as we can in the hands of our customers.”

Meanwhile the retailers have said that it will be selling the new tablet from Thursday. Although you can order one online now from Currys and PC World’s  site.

Rumours of supply issues for the tiny tablet came about before the thing was even revealed. Apple failed to give a specific date for it at its press conference back in October, and now here we are.

Source: CNET

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