Collinson teams with O2 to give customers airport lounge access during flight delays

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November 1, 2019

O2 Priority customers will have access to airport lounges worldwide

O2 has joined forces with a global leader in customer benefits and loyalty Collinson to give Priority customers access to airport lounges worldwide during flight delays. This includes complimentary access to 1,200 lounges in 500+ airports in over 100 countries.

With Priority-SmartDelay, Priority customers are offered lounge access and complimentary snacks, free Wi-Fi, newspapers and magazines. Priority guests can bring up to three guests with them to enjoy the same benefits.

To use the service, Priority customers must register their flight details before the initial departure time and will receive a voucher by email if their flight is delayed by more than 60 minutes.

O2 head of priority Maya Murcell said: Priority aims to bring our customers invite-only moments from exclusive experiences to the little treats that make them smile.

“During this busy travel period we want to ensure customers’ experience is as smooth as possible should they face delays.

“The SmartDelay partnership is a key step in helping to give Priority customers peace of mind when they travel.”

Customers can download the Priority app via the app store, or text PRIORITY to 2020

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