How to check your Galaxy Note 7 has a new battery

Thomas Wellburn
September 19, 2016

Got a new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and wondering how to check the battery? Here’s how to find out.

Samsung has today started rolling out new Galaxy Note 7 replacements to consumers. If you’re one of the unlucky bunch who purchased one and had to return it, you might be wondering how to check if the new handset is indeed a safer model. Thankfully, Samsung has included a couple of unique ways to help you out.

Check the home screen

Galaxy Note 7

If your shiny new Galaxy Note 7 is a new model, you should have a refreshed battery indicator in the top right corner with a green hue. This replaces the old white model and serves as an indicator throughout the user interface that the battery is not going to explode, period.

Check the packaging

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

New Galaxy Note 7 devices should have a black square symbol on the corner of the packaging to indicate a new battery, so look out for that too.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exchange starts today, with the UK and South Korea first to follow suit. Other markets should be following very shortly, so keep your eyes peeled.

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