Buying an iPhone 5? How much is your old iPhone worth?

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September 14, 2012

With the imminent arrival of the Apple iPhone 5 there is a growing trend towards trading-in older iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S devices, with an estimated rise of 400 per cent since July of this year.

The Apple iPhone 5 is set to launch on 21 September 2012 with pre-orders starting on 14 September here in the UK. The launch is seeing a surge in trade-ins as Apple fans get ready to upgrade to the 4-inch model with its new Retina display and faster processor.

With prices starting at £529 for the iPhone 5 you’ll be looking for the best price possible for your old handset. Figures released by show you can currently expect to get around £300 for a Apple iPhone 4S (16GB), while the older Apple iPhone 4 (16GB) could bag you up to £172 as a trade-in. What’s more, even the no longer supported Apple iPhone 3GS (16GB) still has a trade-in value, worth a reasonable £90 on average.

With the recent boom in smartphones, the average selling price for mobile phone trade-ins has risen 55 per cent over the same time last year. The company is expecting a record £5 million worth of trade-ins in September alone in the UK and US

It’s not all great news, though, and if you’re thinking of upgrading your iPhone in favour of the brand new iPhone 5 and are looking for the best price possible then you’d better act fast. The report goes on to say the iPhone 4S has depreciated 10 per cent in value since July and will only drop further as more come onto the second-hand market.

Are you set to upgrade your iPhone in favour of the new iPhone 5 or will you be holding on to your current device for a little longer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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