Burnside launches P355 GSM desk phone

Jonathan Morris
September 7, 2010

Not your standard new mobile phone announcement; the Burnside P355 is a mobile that looks and functions like an ordinary desk phone.

If you have an office that doesn’t have a phone line, perhaps to save money or because your office just happens to be on a boat, Burnside Telecom has a range of desk phones that take a SIM card and operate over a mobile network.

To get going, simply insert your chosen SIM (prepay or contract) and then you’ll be able to get going without the need for a manual, thanks to the intelligent LCD display.

The P355 includes a feature not normally available on most mobile phones called Explicit Call Transfer. This feature allows you to transfer any incoming call to another number, as is pretty standard on any office phone system. Other features include handsfree answering, headset support with call recording and large keys to make it easier to dial.

A Microsoft TAPI interface also allows integration with contact management/CRM applications, enabling call centres and SMEs (Small and medium enterprises) to automate outbound calling from a mobile network via a PC.

The P355 GSM desk phone will be available from September 13th 2010.

More info: Burnside Telecom

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