Brush your teeth with the help of your phone

Manny Pham
February 24, 2016

Keep your teeth clean with the Oral-B Genius and your smartphone.

Using an electric toothbrush for the first time was a glorious moment for me. As soon as I finished my first cycle I felt the immediate cleanliness my teeth probably never felt in years. As a proud owner of a Oral-B SmartSeries Professional Care 4000 I was a bit sceptical on how Oral-B can improve themselves, perhaps even plateued. But with the Oral-B Genius, Oral-B shows why they’re the leaders in the $5 billion brush market.

Let’s get into why we enjoyed testing out the Oral-B Genius. It has that powerful backwards and forwards rotation that Oral-B are known for and a grippy design that feels premium. What really impressed us is the position detection technology in this little genius. It can tell where you’re brushing your teeth and instruct how long you should focus in that particular area. You’re not notified with a little nudge from the brush head, but your smartphone using the Oral-B app. The app accesses your front facing camera and its how the Oral-B Genius knows where you’re brushing.

Not only will the app help the phase detection, your data will also be recorded, providing that you sync you device at least once every two weeks. From the data you can see where you’re going wrong and which areas are not getting a proper clean. A price and release date is not available yet but we can expect it around July.

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