Brits too scared to use tablets and phones in public

Scott Snowden
April 16, 2013

Are you paranoid when using your mobile device in the street, expecting some low-life to grab it, or worse, beat you up for it?

You’re not alone. Around 82 percent of tablet owners and 44 percent of mobile phone owners never use their gadgets in public, while almost a quarter of Brits don’t feel safe carrying around portable gadgets at all, according to specialist gadget insurer Protect Your Bubble, who surveyed 1,000 mobile users.

The insurer reckons 40 percent of us who keep our mobile gadgets hidden whilst out in public places because we’re scared of being targeted by thieves. Eight percent of us have had gadgets snatched before and don’t want to be victims again says Protect Your Bubble.

The paranoia is greatest in the West Midlands, where people feel the least safe. Those of us in the South West of England feel the safest. Last year, around 11 percent of claims that Protect Your Bubble received were for theft. According to its claims data, Brighton, Manchester, Leicester, Belfast and London are top UK hotspots for mobile phone theft. More than 3oo mobile phones are stolen every day in London alone according to the Metropolitan Police.

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