BlackBerry reassures customers in open letter

Jordan O'Brien
October 15, 2013

BlackBerry may be in dire straits with the company facing huge losses, but recently things have begun looking up for the Canadian smartphone manufacturer. Sure it has pulled out of the consumer market and is reducing the number of devices it sells, but at least it has had an offer of sale, and is reportedly in talks with other large tech companies who are interested in a takeover. Despite all this uncertainty there’s one thing that BlackBerry is sure of, is its commitment to its customers.

In an open letter to both customers and partners, BlackBerry gave reassurance that they could “continue to count on BlackBerry.” The company boasted about the substantial cash reserves and debt-free balance sheet, and quashed fears that it was spiraling out of control, stating that it is “making the difficult changes necessary to strengthen” the company.

BlackBerry may be in difficult times, and it may have just lost a billion dollars and been forced to cut 40 percent of its workforce, but it’s still certain that it sells the most productive smartphones on the market, touting its security, enterprise management and social networking features in the open letter.

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