Best Tips for SEO Writing in 2020

Trudy Seeger
December 8, 2019

Today, doing SEO-based writing is imperative, which is challenging for those writers who’re unaware of search engine optimization. It’s not only about articles and blogs but also paid ads, PR, product descriptions, and social media. Today, writers feel the pressure to write unique content that is optimized for Google for top rankings in the search engine results pages or SERPs. The writer needs to collaborate with SEO experts and digital marketers. Then, if you have the urge to learn, writing is enjoyable and not that challenging too. When it comes to SEO, you need to write how-to articles, website blogs, long-form guest blogs, web content, social media posts, and more.

You need to remember SEO tactics and keyword (KW) usage while writing online content. Both go together. However, writing takes prominence compared to SEO. If the write-up is excellent, SEO will automatically improve. That is because you need to write for the visitors and not the search engines. You need to write with the SEO guidelines in mind.

According to an article published on, you need to solve the problems of your audience through SEO writing. Solve the pain points of your targeted customers to grab the top spot in the SERPs. People, if they like your content will share it. It helps in improving the reach of your blog or article. Here are some of the best tips for SEO writing in 2020 and beyond.

Avoid imitating your competitors

Today, many writers, even seasoned copywriters spin content from every industry, be it automobile, real estate, digital marketing, or blockchain. You can take points and elaborate on the subject in your own language instead of replicating the entire content. If there are some examples in content, do not copy the same examples. Write about others. Every writer’s style is different while they speak to customers through blogs or articles. If your copy sounds exactly the same as that of your competitor, it is not original. Such content will not have much value or create a unique voice for a business or brand.

As far as content is concerned, the only thing to focus is on your competitors’ KW usage, rankings, and relevant link building strategies. You need to stand out in the crowd and not create noise.

Write exceptional content

Did you ever search for Neil Patel on Google? You will get numerous results. He writes on an array of SEO and digital marketing topics. He writes simple English and explains his points with apt examples. That is the reason why he creates stellar marketing that is equivalent to churning out impeccable SEO content. Junior writers should leave no word overlooked to make their point. That is one of the best ways to create outstanding content. It means that you make each word count when writing a guest blog.

If you see some sentences do not make sense or not adding much value to the write-up, remove such content. There is no place for fluff in modern SEO writing. Write a new point to add more meat to your SEO writing or rewrite the fluff content so that it makes sense and adds value.

Use the same effort and time for all content you write, be it a 160-character Meta description, 100-word product description, or a 3000-word travel guide. You can consult with Social Market Way – Hire a SEO Company for useful insights on SEO writing for the future.

When it comes to SEO content, write clear, simple sentences that pique audience interest. Write in a conversational style if you are into blogging. Avoid flowery words unless there is a specific demand, especially for travel blogs. Nobody expects you to write a sonnet. Simple is beautiful when it comes to SEO writing.

Focus on KW research

You need to write unique, informative content. Then, without the right use of KWs, your content will not make its mark. KW research takes time and might seem a little frustrating sometimes. When you learn about how to use the right KWs and place them naturally in the content, it will feel good. You will love writing. Today, you also have numerous KW research tools to make your job easy.

KW research is part of your SEO content strategy. These tactics are essential to use those search terms in your article or blog, which people use to look for products or services online. There is also ample scope to change things depending on current products or services as well as newsworthy pieces.

Whether it’s paid ad campaigns, web blogs, and service pages, website content, or white papers, extensive KW research is mandatory for every piece and the list of search terms provided to the content creators together with the SEO guidelines.

As a writer, you need to enrich your writing style and need not be an SEO ninja. Nobody expects you to be one. Then, you need to use the KWs smartly in your content to optimize the piece for Google or Bing. Yes, you need to optimize all content, even if it is a Meta description, blog summary. These little things matter in SEO content writing.

Avoid inconsistency

When you’re blogging, maintain a consistent schedule. For instance, if you are posting three blogs a week, there are scheduled times of the day when your website receives the maximum traffic. When you are writing, complete your blog on time so that you do not upset the schedule. It is essential to publish content on specific times based on Google Analytics.

Prepare to write at the same time daily so that you can complete a piece on time. Make sure you have enough time for checking your blog before final publishing. It will also help you write smoothly, add creative copy, and things like that.

Avoid plagiarism

There is zero-tolerance when it comes to plagiarism in SEO writing. Sentences, three words in succession, and paragraphs should not match. If that happens, your content is copied from other sources. Google will downright push your website deep down in the SERPs. Use tools like Copyscape to publish unique content.


Use these best practices to write unique SEO content in 2020 and beyond. If your content is impeccable, SEO will automatically improve.

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