Become a Jedi in this weeks top smartphone games

Thomas Wellburn
April 29, 2016

Mobile gaming is an industry that only keeps getting bigger. Games act as a perfect companion for those stressful morning commutes or short journeys. However, with the wealth of titles on offer it can be a little daunting to separate the good from the bad.

We’re bringing back the top 5! Here’s our pick of the five best smartphone games this week!

Black Tower Enigma (Android and iOS)

Price: Free (usually £1.29)

black tower

If you’ve ever played Zelda, you’ll be right at home with this one. Set in the style of those classic RPG’s we all know and love, Black Tower Enigma is a retro style adventure title where you must rescue your kidnapped wife from the top of Black Tower Enigma; the tallest building in the continent. The 16-bit graphic style is beautiful, as is the old school gameplay. Typically, the game costs money to download but since it’s going free, we had to include it as a little bonus title for you all. Grab it now before the sale ends!

War Tortoise (iOS only, Android coming soon)

Price: Free

war tortoise

War Tortoise is an interesting mix of shooter meets tower defense. Take control of a heavily armoured War Tortoise as you survive wave after wave of enemies. It never actually moves, so the challenge will be keeping them back for as long as possible. With full 3D graphics, it’s a great title with plenty of upgrades to keep you coming back. Foursaken has a good track record with these types of titles, so it’s no surprise that War Tortoise lives up to the name.

Apestorm: Full Bananas (Android and iOS)

Price: 0.95P (Android), 0.79P (iOS)


Set in a steampunk style universe, Apestorm is a game about doing bombing runs on unsuspecting victims. The more you blow up, the better the score. Suffice to say it can get a little repetitive at times, but watching building explode is always satisfying to a degree. Each mission has a series of objectives to accomplish, earning bananas as a reward. These then stack up to earn further powerups and rewards.

Dream League Soccer 2016 (Android and iOS)

Price: Free

dream league soccer

With somewhat officially licensed players and teams, Dream League Soccer already has quite a bit going for it over the competition. Take control of you very own team as you vouch to conquer the top of the league. Over time you’ll earn money allowing to buy real players and eventually, become a team that even Barcelona would fear. Most football games seem to struggle somewhat with the controls, but Dream League Soccer strikes a good balance between precision and ease-of-use. Graphically it’s not the prettiest title ever but were just happy that it’s at least in 3D.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (Android and iOS

Price: Free

star wars

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes brings the entire universe together for some fun RPG-style action. Battles are turn-based and you’ll be fighting against some of the series most famous adversaries, but you’ll also get the ability to recruit them too. Having a team of the most powerful Jedi and Sith has never felt so satisfying and you get the benefit of fighting in some of the most legendary Star Wars locations such as Hoth and the Cantina.

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