BBM at risk from Heartbleed, BlackBerry to roll out security updates for iOS and Android versions

Saqib Shah
April 15, 2014

Despite being  considered one of the leaders  in mobile security, it seems that BlackBerry too has apps affected by the Heartbleed bug.

This is the potent bug used by hackers to steal data thanks to a flaw in the OpenSSL protocol that encrypts this data. The flaw has been around for years, and while no public reports of its use have ever been made, the fact that it does not leave a trace means that it might have been used successfully in the past.

Most BlackBerry products do not use the targeted software, but vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug is Secure Work Space corporate email, BBM for iOS and BBM for Android.

This past weekend, BlackBerry Senior Vice President Scott Totzke told Reuters that hackers could break into those apps using either a Wi-Fi connection, or via a carrier network.

Still, Totzke said that thanks to BlackBerry’s security technology, the risk of an attack was small and would have to be carried out during a very small window of opportunity.

So while BlackBerry says that the apps are safe to use now, the Canadian manufacturer is also planning on sending out security patches for both the iOS and Android version of its messaging app.

BlackBerry did not say when these updates would be sent out, so if you do have an iOS or Android device with the BBM app installed, keep your eyes peeled for this security update.


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