Arrow Launcher is Now Microsoft Launcher

Thomas Wellburn
October 6, 2017

Microsoft Launcher is a new updated UI application for Android devices which takes over from its predecessor, Arrow Launcher.

In a move with little fanfare, Microsoft has renamed the company’s two-year-old Arrow Launcher app to Microsoft Launcher. Currently available on the Google Play Store as a preview, it features a revamped user interface that is more straightforward and clean. It also more closely resembles the Windows 10 UI.

The interface looks quite similar to the Pixel Launcher, with a swiping motion allowing access to the latest apps, in additional to the traditional app drawer.  You can also pin your contacts on the home screen where they can be clubbed in folders. Quick launch buttons for things like Bluetooth are arranged at the bottom for easier access, while a Google Now style feed resides within easy reach of a swipe. Rather than clicking on these feed tiles to open them, Microsoft Launcher allows opening via swipe, which is far quicker.

You can download the Microsoft Launcher now on Google Play, however it is still only a BETA release.

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