Apprentice star hits out at child safety in mobile phones.

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June 16, 2019

Apprentice star Jessica Cunningham has spoken out about her worries for her children with mobile phones.

Confessing her kids are already asking for phones to keep up with school friends, Jessica said ‘my kids have been asking for phones for a while now and it’s honestly one of my biggest worries, I want to protect them from the internet and it’s something I want to speak out about.’

Jess admitted giving in to her kids and using the monqi application that’s installed into the IMO S2, a smartphone from Verve Connect that was launched in November 2018 with Tesco Mobile.

The IMO S2 with monqi is a pre pay phone that Jess invested in so she can monitor and control the content her children are using and viewing.
She said the key features are being able to monitor Internet searches when the monqi app is activated. It prevents inappropriate content being shown and also denies access to websites which are age rated 13 and above such as gambling sites.

Jess’ children often go to visit their grandparents and has spoken about how she feels safe knowing where they are at all times, through the live location tracker.She can also ensure that the children spend quality time with the family by disabling the phone remotely at selected times however knows that the emergency contact options can still be accessed should they need to use it to contact her at any time.  

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