Apple unveils new Smart Battery Case

Manny Pham
December 8, 2015

Apple has unveiled the new Smart Battery Case quietly by posting it on the official Apple website. 

If there was one big criticism that everyone can agree on about the iPhone 6s, is that the battery life isn’t very good. It’ll still last you a full day despite that it’s 100 mAh lower than the iPhone 6’s 1815 mAh. Power banks and third party battery cases have been the go to solution for iOS fans. Now Apple are offering an official solution, acknowledging the minuscule battery inside their latest smartphone.

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The Smart Battery Case will give the iPhone 6s and 6 an extra 20 hours of video viewing time and an increase of 25 hours extra talk time. There is a microfibre lining to ensure ease when slipping it into the case, with silicone on the exterior like Apple’s other official cases. The case is an extension of the bottom panel so it will fit in speakers and docks. An intelligent battery status will be displayed on the lock screen when the smart case is in use, to let you know how much juice is left in the case.


Two colours are available – white and charcoal grey, retailing at £79.

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