Apple and Samsung back in court, case of déjà vu

Jordan O'Brien
November 12, 2013

If you’ve been following Apple and Samsung’s constant bickering, then you’d be aware that the two first became entangled in a battle back in the spring of 2011, fast forward to 2013 and we’re seeing the exact same thing yet again as Samsung drags Apple kicking and screaming back into the courtroom to discuss the damages that the latter was awarded back in August 2012.

This isn’t the first time that Samsung has disputed the $1 billion payment awarded to Apple after it was found guilty of infringing patents, with the damages downgraded to just $550 million after a judge re-examined the amount. Despite that, the judge also ordered that the $450 million also be re-examined, but it’s not known whether that could go up or down — with Samsung risking paying out even more.

Of course no matter the readjustment Apple is unlikely to get the $2.5 billion it originally sought, but it could be more than the $1 billion intially awarded.

Source: BBC

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