Apple previewing iPhone OS 3.0

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March 17, 2009

V3.0 of the OS will have plenty of new features – and some may even give some clues as to what we may see in a future iPhone device (or devices) in the summer.

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Respected forum user Satsuma has given his predictions as the following:


  • Copy/Paste

  • Enhanced messaging – fwd sms, mms

  • Home Screen enhancement allowing apps to be grouped together in folders/spaces

  • Multi-tasking support

  • Tethering

  • Adobe Flash support

  • Support for magnotometer sensors – electronic compass


  • Premium App store

  • More bluetooth profiles

  • Sync Notes and ToDo

  • Landscape keyboard in all apps

  • Turn-byturn navigation apps announced


Would like to see but not likely this time

  • Support for video capture

  • Indication that 3.0 will be used for Apple’s netbook platform

  • iLife for iPhone

  • Office Apps for iPhone – preferably from Microsoft

  • Wireless-N

  • Hint that iPhone 3.0 supports physical keypad indicating future models with physical keypad are coming


Won’t happen

  • New h/w announced or shown

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