Apple iPhone 5 on sale 21 September 2012

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September 7, 2012

The Apple iPhone 5 is expected to go on sale in the UK on 21 September 2012, sources close to the firm have confirmed to us.

Invitations have already been sent out for the iPhone 5 launch event on 12 September 2012 in San Francisco and a full retail launch through UK Apple stores will apparently follow nine days later.

Then, on 22 September 2012 the iPhone 5 will also go on sale through major high-street retailers and network operators across the UK.

These same sources have also confirmed that the iPhone 5 will definitely be longer and slimmer than the iPhone 4 and 4S.

And the iPhone 5 will ship with a new connector port compared to previous iPhone’s, confirming another of the rumours that have been circulating.

Rumours of whether an iPad Mini will be launched at the same time are still unconfirmed, however, so we’ll have to wait until the 12 September launch event to find out if a smaller and cheaper iPad is also on the way.

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