Apple iPad to come in “Space Grey”, this is what it looks like

Jordan O'Brien
September 25, 2013

Apple changed its lineup of colours for the iPhone 5s, and it seems like the iPad lineup may get the exact same treatment. Apple’s arch-nemesis Sonny Dickson has supposedly got his hands on a ‘Space Grey’ version of the next generation iPad. If you don’t know what ‘Space Grey’ is then it’s Apple’s new colour that isn’t quite black, but it sort of still is.

We’ve already seen that the iPad Mini will be coming in the new colour, but Dickson’s teardown shows us the first of the full-sized iPad line to receive a dash of colour — as the others have previously been available with just a silver aluminium back casing.

There’s no word on whether we should expect a gold iPad or iPad Mini, but with it being the iPhone 5s’ most popular colour, we’d think it would make business for Apple.

Via: Gizmodo

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