Apple iPad 2 to be launched on March 2nd

Jonathan Morris
February 25, 2011

Apple will launch its second iPad to the world on March 2nd, but this time around we expect there to be much more news around new content and services for the tablet than the device itself.

The iPad 2 will be thinner, lighter and yet probably still offer better battery life. However, it isn’t almost certainly isn’t going to blow us away in terms of its hardware specification. More memory or a faster processor, yes, but the same sized screen and the exact same resolution will make it hard for first-generation owners to justify an upgrade.

That is unless you’ve got the original and really feel you’re missing out on FaceTime. The iPad 2 will be set to include cameras so iPad 2 owners can join the club of video callers that must number in the millions hundreds by now. Rumours suggest the camera on the back of the iPad 2 isn’t going to be any more impressive than the one on the iPod touch 4G.

If it does come with the same 1-megapixel sensor it will be enough for 720p HD video (and the iPod touch actually does produce good video quality), but it won’t be taking amazing quality photos that you’ll want to cherish for the rest of your life.

Of course, Apple has a history of updating products before coming out with something totally revolutionary – from iPods to MacBooks. So, think of the iPad 2 has being a refresh of the original iPad, and think of the event concentrating on things like iOS 5 (with improved multitasking and perhaps new customisation options for the way icons are laid out) and an update to iTunes that will let you save your content in the cloud, and share it with all of your other Apple devices.

As for things like SD card slots or USB ports, we’ll have to wait and see.

We suspect it will be the following iPad that will be the one worth waiting for.

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