Apple iPad 2 pictures and specs leak

Jonathan Morris
March 2, 2011

A Chinese website has leaked pictures of what is most likely Apple’s iPad 2. With the new back that is similar to that of the iPod touch, it seems clear that the iPad 2 is nothing more than a minor refresh.

But that isn’t much of a surprise. We’d already said that we expected little in the way of new features, and now it seems that some of these have been confirmed too.

It would seem that the Apple iPad 2 will have the following new features:

  • Intel’s Thunderbolt connector – offering high speed data transfer and video
  • Front & rear camera (resolution unconfirmed) with support for Apple FaceTime
  • 1.2GHz processor

Of course, it won’t be long until Apple announces the iPad 2 officially (Apple’s event starts at 1800 GMT) – so maybe it’s time to hold on and see what else there might be.

Our guess is that the majority of the presentation will be around updates to the OS, application updates (including some snazzy new app or game), an example of how Thunderbolt can be used (to transfer data between the new MacBook Pros?) and other software-related news.

Finally, given the usual nature for a refresh – we can expect the iPad 2 to hit stores quite quickly after it is unveiled.

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