Apple contract-users spend 40% more than Samsung

Manny Pham
August 8, 2016

Apple contract-users spend a hefty 40% more than Samsung counter-parts according to UK network giffgaff. Apple fans also make it rain when it comes to SIM-only devices.

Face-offs are always the best way to set the scope of things. Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier, Labour vs Conservatives, Sony vs Microsoft and in the smartphone world, Apple vs Samsung. In the past couple of years Samsung has really changed things up, offering stellar devices that match the iPhone in terms of quality. Apple devices are known for their expensive hardware, seen in the SIM-only deals and contracts.

iOS users spend 40% more on their monthly package, with the average contract costing £28.41 per month, while a Samsung user will pay £20.07. As for buying devices outright, iOS fans spend more than 50% of what Samsung fans spend.

Why do Apple contract-users spend more?

We can tack this down to value for money. In the UK, 75% of consumers consider value for money as the most important aspect to consider when taking out a contract. A smart move.

Apple’s current flagship devices; the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, offer an optimised experience boasting low specs, yet better performance in processing power, due to an operating system catered to the hardware inside.

App developers tend to develop with iOS in mind first, despite Android being the world’s most used operating system in the UK, with 58.6% of users according to Kantar Worldpanel. iOS users make up 36% of the UK market share.

When former Apple CEO, Steve Jobs unveiled the App Store, he revealed developers would keep 70 percent of app sales, making it very attractive for developers to opt for iOS. Also iOS fans spend more on apps, Apple reported over $10 billion in revenue for developers since the App Store’s conception in 2008.

In an app comparison, highly intensive app game Asphalt 8, runs smoothly on the iPhone 6s, on-par with the newer Samsung Galaxy S7 with negligible differences. It’s no doubt Apple-contract users are getting a good deal, but Samsung offer excellent features on the S7 such as: water-resistance, microSD slot and QHD resolution screens.

Samsung is currently the world’s biggest manufacturer with Apple in second, having shipped 81.9 million units (Apple, 51.2 million) in the first quarter of 2016.

Apple are expected to launch the iPhone 7 this September, where we will no doubt see more Apple contract-users throwing caution the wind, to upgrade.

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