Android N is now Android Nougat

Thomas Wellburn
July 1, 2016

The name for Android’s next operating system has finally been revealed and it’s the one we all expected… Android Nougat.

We’ve all been wondering what the upcoming OS might be called, especially since Google decided to let the public vote on the name. 4chan ran a pretty vulgar campaign (as expected) and there was other names in the running too such as Nerds.

However, Google has decided to play it safe and name their next operating system Nougat, in reference to the family of confections typically comprised of honey and whipped cream.



Android Nougat will be a big release

The next version of Google’s operating system will include some pretty big features, most notably Daydream out of the box. This virtual reality ready platform will allow anyone with compatible hardware the ability to get the service on their smartphone. All you need is a headset to go with it, which we imagine most manufacturers will be shipping with flagship handsets going forward.

Other big features included in the Android Nougat update include true split-screen multitasking and a revamped notifications tray that includes customisable quick actions. We’ll also finally be able to get keyboard themes out of the box; a feature that was previously only available on third-party keyboards.

For our full roundup of the things included in Android Nougat, check out our in-depth feature.

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