Android Market website revamp; adds remote install

Jonathan Morris
February 2, 2011

Google has announced the launch of its all-new Android Market website, with the ability to remotely install apps on your Android device, or devices.

As long as you’ve updated the Android Market app on the phone (which should have been done automatically over the last couple of months), you can now visit the Android Market website and scan through all the apps, games, widgets and live wallpapers in a more relaxing way than using your handset.

Once you have logged in to your Google account, you can also see the apps you’ve already purchased and installed. Google keeps a record of the devices each app is installed on, so if you have multiple devices (say a Android phone and a tablet), you can click on any app to install it again on another device, picking it from a pull-down list.

In addition, you can view all of your Android devices associated with your Google account and edit them to give more user-friendly names.

Anyone that has used AppBrain may have already experienced the remote install option, but with the latest version of Android Market the feature stopped working, and now we possibly know why.

The Google site doesn’t have quite the same level of detail on apps as AppBrain, appearing to have been kept deliberately simple and user-friendly, but it is likely to develop over the coming months.

If you still want a few more options, including personal recommendations on apps that might be of interest to you, AppBrain may not currently offer the remote install option anymore, but you can download the AppBrain app to your device and then manually sync the content you pick online.

There’s also a chance that AppBrain may now be able to use the new Google remote install feature to get its own service working again.

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