Android Market to get overhaul

Jonathan Morris
November 18, 2010

Google is to make changes to Android Market that will make it easier to find out more about apps and games, including details of changes made on updated content.

There will also be a new way for developers to inform existing app/game owners about updates – with details of what has been changed. These will be shown in a new ‘Recent Changes’ section.

Given that Android Market is swamped with apps, often of a dubious nature, developers and customers alike will appreciate the new measures being implemented to make it easier to promote content, with larger images to show off content and the ability to have up to eight screenshots. Developers can also include a link to a YouTube video to show the app/game in more detail.

It will take time for developers to take advantage of these new features, but we hope it will make it easier to decide what to download or buy on Android Market in the future.

The next step will be to stop the swamping of the Market by the more unscrupulous developers that continually re-release wallpapers, soundboards and picture galleries with updated titles to re-appear on the ‘Just in’ section. We’re not entirely sure how this can be done, given the open nature of the app store.

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