Android 4.3 bring 4K support, permissions manager

Jordan O'Brien
July 29, 2013

Delving deep into the coding of Google’s latest Android operating system will reveal that the search giant has added a few features that are not yet being used, such as 4K support.

There currently isn’t an Android device on the market capable of 4K Ultra HD video, but this may be a sneak peek of the future direction of Android hardware.

Whilst 4K support sounds great, several commentators believe that you will see no difference between current full HD and 4K until you reach a screen size of 60 inches, a size almost inconceivable for a tablet.

That is not the only thing found deep within Android 4.3’s coding, with Android Police also discovering a handy permissions manager.

The manager is currently hidden by default but once activated, through the use of a third-party app suitably called Permissions Manager, you can fine-tune what permissions apps receive on an app-by-app basis.

A handy feature for those of you who are incredibly conscious of what apps have permission to do, but we’re wondering why Google has not officially enabled it yet.

It’s currently only available for Android 4.3, which goes without saying, so don’t try installing the app on a legacy operating system.


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