Alcatel releases Lobster branded phone for Virgin

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October 28, 2008

Remember the Lobster TV phone, or any of the other forgettable super-low-end-el-cheapo Lobster handsets that Virgin Mobile have released since they decided to create their own brand? You probably don’t but don’t panic; your life is no less fullfilled as a result.

Virgin Mobile isn’t going to give up though, having asked Alcatel nicely to build it a phone that isn’t cheap rubbish (although it is cheap).

The Alcatel built Lobster 621 will retail for £29.99 on Virgin Mobile’s prepay tariff, but the phone looks like it is worth somewhat more. At just 11mm thick, it’s super slim, and it has a metal-look finish that will have people saying ‘no way’ if you tell them what you paid for it.

There’s a music player, Bluetooth (with stereo audio), 1.3-megapixel camera (perfectly sufficient for taking snaps to throw on Facebook but not for taking your wedding photos) and a microSD card slot that will take cards up to 2GB in capacity.

Screen resolution isn’t amazing with just 128×160 pixels (with 65,536 colours) and it’s not 3G, but it’s thirty quid and has up to 10 hours of talktime and 400 hours standby.

Available from and at Virgin Mobile stores throughout the UK.


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