7 Highly Effective Ways To Hack An iPhone

Maria hills
December 30, 2019

Hacking is quite popular these days, and till the time it is ethical, it is acceptable as well. A lot of people think about hacking another person’s iPhone. And, since iPhones are known for high security, it becomes interesting as well.

Everyone might have their reason for hacking an iPhone. I simply wanted to know what my employees are up to and if there are putting the company into jeopardy.

How to hack an iPhone? You will find seven different and useful ways to hack an iPhone. I have analyzed them myself and tried every aspect of these methods.

Method #1: Cocospy

If you know about the best phone tracking and monitoring tools, you would have heard of this one. Cocospy has millions of users who trust its services. It is the most popular tool to hack an iPhone.

     Moreover, its positive reviews by outlets such as CNET, Forbes, TechRadar, and PCMag clearly show how reliable it is. Cocospy is loaded with features that are user-friendly and really beneficial for a useful hack.

There are more than 35 features available for the users. Even though I will not be able to mention all, here are some of the most important ones.

· Web-based interface

· 100% secure

· Social media monitoring

· GPS tracker

· Geofencing

· Access to gallery

· Monitor text messages

· Call monitor

· Etc.

In fact, you won’t even have to jailbreak the iPhone to hack it. You think it can’t get better? Well, with Cocospy, you don’t even have to touch the target device physically. Its next-gen technology makes hacking quick and straightforward.

You will need the iCloud credentials of the target user, and you can start monitoring them in no time. The target user will not even get the slightest of the ideas that they are being hacked or monitor.

I would undoubtedly recommend Cocospy as the number one option if you want to hack an iPhone. You can learn more from Clickfree about the various benefits and features.

Method #2: Spyic

Spyic is another reliable phone monitoring and tracking tool which has a vast user base in more than 190 countries. Millions of users have used this tool, and even reviewers such as Life Wire and CNET have had positive experiences.

It has various features that make up for an effective iPhone hack. You can monitor calls, check texts, find the location, check social media accounts, and do a lot more. Spyic has excellent user-friendly features.

This is a next-gen iPhone hacker that will not require you to gain access to the target device physically. You will simply need the iCloud credentials. In fact, no jailbreak is required, either.

Just like Cocospy, this tool also works on the web. So, especially for the iPhone hack, you will not have to download any application. The convenient UI makes the experience better.

I would recommend Spyic equally as along with Cocospy, these two are really great hacking tools.

Method #3: Hack a person’s passcode

Every iPhone user will have a passcode. So, instead of gaining access to the target device remotely, you can get the passcode. However, you will have to view the device directly, and there are high chances of getting caught.

But, how do you get the passcode? I have mentioned a handy and straightforward method, which can be really beneficial.

You can use a keylogger to track keystrokes. This way, once the user enters the passcode, you will get the information from the keylogger.

Cocospy and Spyic have highly reliable and accurate keylogger features which you can take advantage of. You can use a keylogger for a lot of things.

Visit their sites to find out more and learn how to do it.

Method #4: Hack an iPhone from another iPhone

You can hack an iPhone from your iPhone. It does not require a PC and coding or hacking skills. Since the level of technology is the same on iPhones, it is quick and straightforward to do.

In fact, you can opt for Cocospy or Spyic to hack an iPhone with another iPhone. However, I am going to mention another tool that you can use.

You can opt for SpytoMobile. It is a data aggregator or smartphone hacker in simple words. The primary purpose of the tool is to hack your child’s device remotely.

Even though the features and user-interface of SpytoMobile isn’t as good as Spyic and Cocospy, it still works. However, you will need an app to hack the device and check all the information.

One of the major drawbacks is that it has daily charges, which makes it an expensive option.

Method #5: Hack an iPhone using your phone

You can hack an iPhone from an Android device as well. Various applications allow this. However, Spyic and Cocospy are only a few of those that do not ask for jailbreak or rooting of the target device.

Appmia is an iPhone monitor that works remotely. The target user will not get any idea that he or she is being hacked. However, you will have to jailbreak the target device to use it. This is a significant drawback to this option.

Method #6: Using SIRI

This is one of the easiest options on the list, but it will require access to the target device for a while. You will have to press the Siri button and then ask for the time. Then, press the clock icon to start a timer.

After this, opt for ‘Buy more tone’ by scrolling up, and it will open the app store. You will be able to unlock the device without actually having to enter the passcode.

Method #7: Pegasus Software

It is great hacking software for iPhones. However, the user will get to know that he or she is being hacked. Moreover, Apple has updated its policies due to which this particular hacking tool doesn’t work.

There are various options, but none like Cocospy and Spyic. These two options make hacking really simple and convenient. Any user can do it without having to worry about anything!

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