6 uses for your phone you may not be taking advantage of

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February 8, 2021

Walk down any street in any city and you’re likely to see at least a few people either talking on their phones are using them to take selfies or group photos. By far, those are the two most common things people do with their phones these days. Of course, we all know that smartphones are wondrous technological devices. Not only are they great for having conversations and taking pictures, but they also do much more. However, not all phone functions are equally used or known about. Here are some that might be new to you.

Safety Light and Help Alarm

Check your functions tab and search for the flashlight or light icon. Some are unaware they can use their devices as very bright lights. This clever function eats up battery power pretty fast but is an ideal solution if you’re ever stranded in a very dark place and need extra illumination. Likewise, some phones have a help alarm function that can serve as a call to passersby or police if you need assistance in a hurry or a dangerous situation.

Document Storage

One of the handiest ways to use your device is for on-the-go document storage. Need to have a copy of a real estate lease, mortgage agreement, vehicle lien papers, or something else? Simply use the photo function to snap and save a picture of the doc in question. Later, you can store it in a more secure location or simply send it to whoever needs it.

Investing on the Go

One of the newest ways people connect with brokers and investment platforms is via smartphones. New technology allows for streamlined interaction between investors and brokerage websites. Using nothing but your phone, from any location, it’s now possible to view market news, purchase securities, analyze previous transactions, sell shares of stock, and more. You can do pretty much anything via your mobile device that you can do in person or from your home PC. This kind of advanced capability is ideal for long term investing enthusiasts, who often like to check the market and decide whether to buy or sell a particular security.

Insurance Claims

If you are in an accident and are physically able to take photos with your smartphone, click away and get complete views of the damage from as many angles as possible. Insurance agents often use clear, objective photographs to build evidence for claims.

Makeshift Laptop for Typing

With a simple connector that costs less than $5, you can turn any smartphone screen into a word processor. Rather than struggle with the tiny on-screen keypad that comes with your mobile device, plug a standard-size keyboard in and start typing. If you compose content for your job or just as a casual blogger, this hack is an easy, cheap way to get the job done.

Reading Device

As quickly as you can download your favorite reading app, you can turn your handheld device into a book reader. Stuck at a bus stop? Stranded in a doctor’s waiting room? Inline at the DMV? Read your favorite mystery novel, biography, or non-fiction best-seller with a click and a tap.

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