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October 31, 2008

T-Mobile has unveiled the first applications that are available to download to its G1 handset, the first handset running Google’s Android platform, released today (October 30).

Users will be able to download an initial shortlist of 50 applications free from the Android Market, that range from teaching you to play the guitar, mixing the perfect cocktail to measuring the earth’s movements.

Wikitude is one application to take advantage of the device’s camera and GPS function, displaying local information from Wikipedia live on-screen when scanning surroundings using the viewfinder.

There are a number of applications designed to help consumers make the most of the money they spend. ShopSavvy uses the G1’s camera to scan product barcodes and then searches the web using the browser to find the best available prices.

The application also features product reviews and ratings, enabling users to create shopping lists, connecting them to shops selling the product and giving directions to the nearest retailer using Google Maps.

Other applications come with a more light-hearted feel. SplashPlay teaches users how to play the guitar by streaming video over the web, while Cooking Capsules and Cocktail! provides recipes and instructions based on the contents of your kitchen or drinks cabinet.

The Android Market is available via the G1’s main menu and includes user ratings, reviews and comments which enables users to identify the most popular applications.

T-Mobile chief executive Jim Hyde said: “T-Mobile is committed to opening up the internet to give customers the freedom to do whatever they want online. When the internet has no boundaries it drives innovation and the T-Mobile G1 and the Android platform is designed to do just that.

“The open nature of Android Market has already sparked an exciting range of applications which allow customers to tailor their phone to suit their lifestyle. We’re really excited to be able to offer the first 50 applications free of charge and believe the T-Mobile G1 has the potential to revolutionise the way we use our phones.”



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