5 best innovative iPhone and iPad accessories

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July 20, 2018

Apple is not just famous for its communication devices but for the beautiful array of electronic accessories they provide. They have a wide variety of accessories which are not only innovative but super useful too. From cases and earphones to Bluetooth keyboard, you name them, and they have it.

However, with so many options in front of you, it is not easy to choose the best among them. Filtering through the internet is only going to make you more confused than ever. While there might be a price variation for cool accessories, you can also find cheap and pretty useful ones too. Here are some of the must-have iPhone and iPad accessories.

1. iPad Beanpad

An iPad is pretty much used for everything from texting to watching movies and playing games. But one disadvantage about it is that you cannot hold it in a comfortable position in a moving car or while you lay on the bed. It just slides off wherever you try to keep it, and this is why you might need a stand to hold it so that you can enjoy using your iPad at any comfortable position.

The iPad beanpad manufactured by vantage point is the best you can use. It works as the perfect stand for your iPad even though it’s bulky and heavy. You can also use it on uneven surfaces without worrying about your iPad sliding off. It makes sure that the speakers and camera are not covered and can be tilted to almost any angle. It is a great buy.

2. Lens kit

If you love taking photos and experimenting with the high-quality camera of your iPhone, then a lens kit is a must-have to make your photographs look better than ever. It includes the lens that can help you capture even wonderful details using the macro lens and a 180-degree view and also take some wide angle photos. It’s the closest thing to a real camera with all the effects and perfections of it. Constructed out of plastic, you can attach and detach it in a blink of time. With a glare-free glass that gives sharp quality clicks, this one is worth the cash spend.

3. Tablet holder

A tablet holder is necessary while using an iPad to keep it in place and enjoy some hands-free modes. Various types of tablet holders are manufactured by Apple. Each one of them has its own unique features and is an innovation of its own. Most of the tablet holders are based on the arm length, the weight of the device and where you want to use it. Tablet holders are not costly too compared to other accessories by Apple. One of the best tablet holders is Gooseneck mount. These not just allow you to relax in your hand’s free mode but can also be used on most of the surfaces. With a sleek design, perfect size and affordable rate, you don’t have to do any further research.

4. Short lightning cable

Even though iPhone’s have a good battery backup, a charger is a must-have while travelling. It is not always necessary that you find plug points to charge your gadgets especially your phone. While carrying a portable charger is an alternative, Apple has something more creative to offer. It is a short lightning cable that is also a keychain by Avantree. This handy keychain can be used for charging your iPhone while travelling or in case of emergencies. The small size of it allows it to be taken anywhere. With a universal compatibility cable, you don’t have to worry about the socket pin either. This device can also be used for syncing or transferring your data as well. Pretty useful and creative, wouldn’t you agree?

5. iPhone Armband

If you are a fitness freak, then you will have to keep your phones away while you work out. This becomes a problem if you have fitness apps that you want to refer or count your steps while walking or running. While a smartwatch can help you up to certain levels, it cannot be the total problem solver. That is why Apple introduced armbands for those who want to carry their iPhones while working out. These armbands use elastic straps to fit around your arm and flexible clips to hold your phone in place. Accessing as well is easy. These armbands are lightweight and also have pores allowing your skin to breathe during your work out. They are sweat resistant too which is an added advantage to love them more. It comes in at an affordable rate also which is brilliant.

Having an iPhone or iPad is enough but having some of these accessories makes the working and handling of your device a hundred times easier. These devices are also pretty much cool allowing you to take them anywhere you go and use it. So grab your accessories now!

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