40,000 call on Ofcom to cut mobile termination rates

Jonathan Morris
June 28, 2010

Mobile Termination Rates (MTRs) are paid to mobile operators to connect calls to their customers, equating to around 4.3p per minute for a call made from a landline to a mobile, or a mobile on another network.

Over 150,000 individuals have so far signed a petition to call on Ofcom to reduce these charges, which keeps the cost of calling a mobile phone artificially high.

Ofcom has stated that it will recommend that these rates are reduced gradually to 0.5p in the next four years.

John Petter, managing director, consumer, BT Retail, said: “We believe that this is one of the largest responses ever seen to an Ofcom telecoms consultation and it shows that Ofcom is on the side of consumers with its recommendation to reduce mobile termination rates.
“There are some who are still arguing to keep MTRs high out of narrow self-interest, but the breadth and weight of support that Ofcom has seen for its position must now hasten the end of the UK’s high mobile termination rate regime.”
Kevin Russell, chief executive of Three UK said: “Ofcom’s proposal gives a clear direction that will open up competition and deliver far better value for all consumers. The Terminate the Rate campaign has demonstrated the breadth of the support for change and that action is long overdue.”


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