4 great online business ideas for 2020

Bogdan Butoi
July 18, 2019

The subject people are complaining the most is their 9 to 5 job. They are simply tired to work for someone else and to respect a strict schedule. Do you feel the same? Before you resign, you should try to determine what great online business ideas could work for you. While there are countless opportunities, most of them don’t fit your skills. If you plan to start your own venture, it’s important to be one that leans towards your interests and skills because you will probably do it for the rest of your life. In addition, it’s advisable to choose something you are good at.

Because the internet rules the world nowadays, you should focus on starting an online business. It’s amazing how the internet is connecting clients and companies and it’s helping young entrepreneurs to make a profit. Here you have access to some resources on businesses that will prove successful in 2020.

  1. Advertising guru

Have you ever thought why YouTube channels post videos are featuring short ads at the beginning? As you can imagine they earn money if they allow brands to post their message at the start of the video. For many users it’s quite annoying to watch the promo for a product they don’t need, but for others it’s a source of information. They need something similar and the video delivers them the product or service they need.

To you, this can be an opportunity because if you own a YouTube channel with numerous visitors you can post advertisements for authority sites and gain income. Famous brands are constantly looking for video channels with millions of followers who are willing to advertise them.

Do not worry if you don’t have millions of followers, you can build your audience by creating high-quality content. Produce your own videos and when use your YouTube channel as a social marketing tool for other companies. You will get cash in your bank account every time someone is watching the ad or clicks on the link.

2. Affiliate marketing

This may be the best solution for entrepreneurs who don’t have time to design their own products or services.

It offers you the possibility to sell the products other companies manufacture by advertising them on your site. The secret to being successful is to focus on a niche and to collaborate only with trustworthy companies. You will also have to do research on how to create unique reviews for the products you list because you will have to use lead generation techniques to attract users to your web page. You need skills in copywriting to write content about the products you promote but also knowledge in strategies that can convert internet users into clients.

The articles and videos you post convince internet users to visit your page, so you need to produce quality articles that will encourage your visitors to check the link. You need them to click on the affiliate link and to buy the product, so you have to be convincing that the product you are promoting is the best.

Business Insider states that around 17% of the revenue people get from online businesses comes from affiliate marketing. It’s a world that waits for you to take it over.

3. E-book writer

Are you a skilled writer? Are you passionate about telling stories? What if we tell you that an eBook can make you rich? Nowadays people no longer carry physical books around, they use their mobile devices to feed their desire to expand their knowledge. E-books bring technology and writing together and deliver people a solution for when they want to read something while on the run. They no longer need an entire room to store their books, they can use their mobile devices to create an exquisite library.

People have started to switch to e-Books so you can turn your skills into a profitable business. At the start, e-Book writing isn’t a full-time profitable business, but it can be a reliable source of passive income. You don’t need a publisher, an editor or writing skills. If you have a great idea, you can hire a ghostwriter and they can work on your idea.

You can use your personal social media pages to promote your creations and to draw readers to the online store.

4. Software provider

Software has started to be the solution to many of the problems people are dealing with. If you are a talented software developer then you can create the software from your couch. As long as you deliver high-quality products, you will have no problems in finding clients. If your solutions are solving their problems, they don’t mind if the provider is an individual or company.

Before creating the system, you should asses the problems people are dealing with. By identifying the obstacles they face you can develop a system that suits their needs. You can create the software yourself if you are skilled in this domain. Another solution is to hire a company that is specialised in software outsourcing because they have experience in developing top-notch systems.

When the product is developed and tested, you can sell it or offer subscriptions, you have to decide which payment option is more profitable for the type of product you are delivering.

The SaaS market is in full growth because around 50% of companies have or plan to develop an app for their clients or employees. Studies show that in 2017 around 40% of USA businesses have adopted a software product to ease workplace tasks. It’s expected the SaaS market to reach $76 billion by 2020. If you don’t create your own software you can work for companies that prefer to outsource software development. The demand for customised software is rapidly growing and you should take advantage of the situation.

When starting an online venture you may face some problems in the process, but they are not more difficult than when starting a traditional business, so you have great chances to succeed. Once you find the right idea, no one can stop you from succeeding.

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