3 offering 15GB of data for £15

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March 23, 2009

With immediate effect, 3 users can start paying £15 a month for a whopping 15GB monthly access. 3 equates this to 15,000 emails, 150 hours of web surfing, 10 half hour video downloads and 480 four minute music tracks.

Users can also continue to enjoy this increased allowance when roaming on another 3 network around the world, bringing even more savings compared to the competition.

Further savings can also be made for PC and Mac users by installing Opera 10, which now includes Opera Turbo – a service that can compress downloaded data by as much as four times (helping to make that 15GB allowance last even longer!).

With a new page rendering engine, Opera 10 is considerably faster than the current release (V9) – but it is important to note that it is in alpha release, so may still contain bugs. Futher details and a full disclaimer can be found on the Opera website link below.

OPERA 10 ALPHA with Turbo:

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