1More Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones – More than your average headphones!

Stephen Watson
August 6, 2018

 Available from Amazon for £75 and colours available are Rose Gold, Black & Grey & Silver.

The headphone market is packed lots of great brands, so you are really spoilt for choice, you only have to look at what people are wearing on the train and I have seen 50 different styles everything from In-Ear cable headphones to wireless buds and everything in between. 

For someone who has been using wireless headphones for many years its quite the transition to use wired headphones. The 1More Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones initially felt like a downgrade, but I soon found out how wrong I was.  

The lesser-known 1More global brand is more recognised in China but has an amazing range which I hope to review more of in the future. They’re trying to get a name for themselves in the UK and if the Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones are anything to go by I want to see more from this brand.

Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones can be bought for under £100 (£70-£80 depending on where you buy them) and trust me they are worth every penny for the price range they are in.   

The packaging presentation was pleasing to the eye and gave the impression you were getting more than just a £70 pair of headphones. The box looks great, the design is great fun making the package seem like a book from the side.

The design of the headphones has a professional look to them which stands out when you take them out of the packaging. The Earbuds are made out of aluminium with a rose gold colour which I really liked (Also Available in Black, Gray, Silver). You also get a nice hard case for travelling or storing the headphones in your bag which I found very helpful.

The earbud design is angled which offer a really nice and comfortable feel and if you find them uncomfortable there are eight sets of different size silicone and foam eartips for you to pick the right fit. The design of the angled earbuds means, like me, if you fall asleep on the train they don’t hurt your ears.

The 3.5mm cable is made of two different textures fabric and rubber, which I honestly don’t understand why they would make it fabric? That’s just my view but overall, they look great.  

The headphones also come with a three-button remote control on the cable and that works with both Android and Apple handsets, which is a bonus as not all headphones can do that. The remote is made of plastic with three aluminium buttons which goes well with the overall look some people might moan about the plastic but the headphones are under £100 so I don’t see a problem here.

Now the sound quality is where these headphones pack the punch and make you question the cost. I really like the balance and being a fan of musicals hearing something like the Wicked theme song really shows the detail and balance given by these headphones.

The sound is crystal clear and really highlights the voices when you hear any of the songs in the Wicked album (I know am massive theatre geek). With some headphones, the bass is distorted but the 1More Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones it really hits the bass.

I also found that when travelling on the train, the ear seal reduced the noise from around me so I could hear the music without distraction. Let’s face it people don’t talk on London trains so why listen to them lol.  

So overall I was very impressed with these headphones given its cost and if I did not know the price I would have said the quality of the headphone alone, I would have paid at least £170-£200 for them. I would really find it a challenge to find another pair of headphones better in this price range. These really are a 5-star product with a 3-star price tag.

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