1 in 10 millennials would rather sacrifice a finger than give up their smartphone

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August 21, 2018

And that’s not all.

This year, a survey conducted by mobile app developers, Tappable, polled more than 500 males and females aged between 18-34 on what they would give up in order to keep their smart phones, and the results were extremely surprising€¦


From the research, it was found that 23% of millennials would rather lose one of their five senses – touch, smell, hearing, sight and taste to keep their smartphones. Smell seemed to be the most common sense to be sacrificed at 64%, compared to 3% who would give up hearing.

Director of Research at The Center for Generational Kinetics, Mrs. Elli Denison, Ph.D, explains:

“We talk a lot about how millennials are tech dependent. Losing one of the senses is an extreme way to frame it, but the bottom line is younger generations are completely immersed in technology, particularly mobile devices, and feel extreme dependency. There is no sign of this slowing down as younger generations are immersed in technology from birth”.


The data was generally unaffected by gender, however from the different responses, when it came to sex only 10% of men chose their phone over sex compared to 18% of women, who’d rather sacrifice their sex life.


Check out this animation to discover what else millennials would willingly sacrifice in favour of their smartphones. What would you be willing to give up?

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