EE launches fraud prevention platform to protect customers

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July 20, 2020

Last year in the UK unauthorized financial fraud losses totalled £824.8 million

EE has today (July 16) launched the Digital Identity Platform, a fraud prevention platform for its customers.

The service provides a series of checks to verify a customer’s identity in real-time.

It has been designed to tackle SIM swap fraud which happens where a customer’s phone number is transferred without the account holder’s knowledge.

This platform allows businesses to check when a customer’s SIM was last changed, which could indicate potential fraud.

For banking partners, information is then used to stop any financial transactions taking place until further identity checks are carried out.


A number of banks across the UK have used EE’s Digital Identity to protect their customers.

This platform also prevents fraudulent online account sign-ups though its ‘Know Your Customer’ product.

This product means that businesses can cross-check new customer data to ensure that customer’s identities are genuine.

UK Finance estimates that unauthorized financial fraud losses in the UK totalled £824.8 million last year.

BT consumer marketing managing director Christian Thrane said: “We are continuing to move into new sectors to help prevent even more fraudulent activity, so consumers across the UK can be confident in the safety of their online experiences.”

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