What Is A Virtual Data Room And Why You Could Benefit From One

Lori Wade
January 24, 2020

Businesses today have enjoyed the many benefits of using a virtual data room. As the name implies, virtual data rooms otherwise VDRs are virtual rooms where data are stored. They serve as online repositories of data, unlike the typical physical data rooms. Virtual data rooms were created with effective and efficient data storage and transfer in mind. This is one important advantage that the virtual data rooms maintain over all other means of sending and storing important files.

DealRoom, Securedocs, Sharefile, Box are some of the virtual data room service providers and they are known to be reliable and efficient. Every business owner is beginning to take advantage of the benefits that VDRs do offer. Ranging from business processes like due diligence, mergers and acquisition, intellectual property (IP), and other important ones, the use of virtual data rooms is important.

Widely used for processes relating to financial or legal transactions in a company. Virtual data rooms have indeed displaced the physical data rooms in many regards. The physical data room is now considered time-consuming as it takes quite a lot of time to wrap up deals using it since it involves paper documents. Also in terms of data security, the virtual data room is worthy of all acceptance as it remains secure and heavily protected for sharing sensitive company information.

How You Could Benefit From Virtual Data Rooms 

For every deals and transaction in your company, a virtual data room will help you carry them out more effectively and efficiently. There are a wide number of benefits that you stand to enjoy by upgrading to the virtual data room. These include:

  1. Safe and Secure Storage of data

When it comes to preserving very confidential company data that must not fall into the wrong hands, the best bet is to make use of a virtual data room. It is such a platform that allows for secure uploading of files, storage as well as easy sharing of files with other parties. During the due diligence process, your deal team will be able to communicate better with interested and prospective clients in no time. 

  1. Uninterrupted communication among deal team

Members of your organization’s deal team will have an effective platform to share important information, deliberate and also reach a conclusion online without any hitch. You also get to benefit from the virtual data room’s all-exclusive features that make working on it easier and faster. Such features include the capacity for your deal team to group documents into sections that they deem fit based on each due diligence processes and also to have access to such documents whenever needed. It is no longer the case of the deal team having to start making phone calls to organize a special meeting about a deal. On the M&A platform available in the virtual data room, the deal team can upload documents in bulk, drag and drop documents, and also search smartly for vital data.

  1. High-security network prevents your company’s data from cyberattacks

One of the major threats to businesses and organizations today is cyberattacks. Cyberattacks could be launched at any business regardless of the business size. However, a virtual data room for investment banking helps your business by ensuring that your business data and confidential reports are secure within the online data room. Such threats and insecurities such as leaks, hacks or unauthorized access to your confidential data are curbed. Only individuals that are granted permissions to your data room can have access to exactly what you want them to view.

  1. Intellectual Property Management

A lot of businesses may not be as much concerned about sharing confidential data with other parties. Yet, data security remains at the forefront of these companies. This is often the case with businesses that are just starting up who need to value and estimate appropriately their intellectual property in view of potential sales. Virtual data rooms are important tools that ensure that all details pertaining to your business’ intellectual property are well valued and preserved. 

  1. Auditing

There may be times when your company will require external auditors to review all your organization’s data and documents. Virtual data rooms afford you the opportunity to easily group vital data for presentation. 

  1. Allows For Transparency and Openness

In such deals and transactions as Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), a lot of documents are generated and shared between the selling company and the interested purchasing parties. Also, legal counsels are involved in such deals. VDRs allow for all participants in the deal to receive instant notifications as the deal proceeds such that all parties are kept abreast. 


The virtual data room structure is well designed to cater for all your business needs relating to confidential data and information. Storing data and sharing vital documents is much easier with using a virtual data room. Since the advent of virtual data rooms, files and company resources are now better preserved and secured.

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