What Are the Best Mobile Games in Canada?

David Burke
July 20, 2020

Life without our mobile devices has become next to unimaginable. We use them for work, storage, research, studying, keeping in touch with friends and family, music, movies and let’s not forget everyone’s favourite – playing games. The mobile gaming industry has gone to great lengths to cater to the tastes of as many users as possible, and mobile players nowadays are certainly spoiled for choice. Over the past decade, Canadian studios have been working hard on releasing some of the most influential games ever, and mobile games are no exception. From idle gameplay to complex strategic action, there are myriad games that deserve a place on this list, but we’ve picked only the absolute best for you.

Alto’s Adventure

This is a fast-paced snowboarding game in which players try to hunt escaping llamas while staying on their board. This is a brainchild of Ryan Cash, the founder of the Toronto-based Built by Snowman. The trick is to increase the distance you travel down the mountain and at the same time jump over rocks, glide on rails and practice your backflips. The key to the game, however, is the focus. You need a keen eye to spot what lies ahead on the slopes and good calculation skills to jump at the right moment to avoid all the obstacles. This brilliant game is not only beautiful in its design, but also as soothing as it is addictive. 

Storm Casters Ultra

Even though Mega Run and Mega Jump have put Toronto’s Get Set Games on the map, Storm Casters have taken on a different form. This is an isometric game in which players earn points by plundering dungeons in search of treasure with the aid of special abilities that can blast skeletons to clear the way.  What makes this game so special is that the player is able to develop a character steadily during the course of the game. You start off weak but as the game progresses, you turn into something more powerful and dangerous. As a plus, this game has amazing collecting mechanics. Once you complete a dungeon, you’ll get a treasure chest that might contain powerful items. The rewards are useful and the suspense of the luck of the draw just keeps you coming back for more. 

Mobile Slots

Slots have been around for a very long time and they too have found their way onto mobile phone screens. The rules are simple enough – place your bet and spin the wheels in hope Lady Luck will give you a wink. However, many mobile slots now also include special features like free spins and respins to keep the user engaged and interested. Furthermore, the creativity of game designers knows no bounds, and nowadays many of the slots have the same level of quality as a commercial video game! With new titles coming out every week, on themes ranging from Ancient Egypt to pro skaters, it can be hard to choose which one to play. We recommend a site like Playcasinos Canada, which features plenty of detailed slot reviews, to help you pick your new favourite. 

Bruce Lee: Enter the Game

Hibernum Creations in Montreal have come up with a fighting game featuring the world-renowned martial arts expert – Bruce Lee. This 2D action has amazing style and graphics, addictive gameplay, and most importantly, it gets the physicality of Bruce Lee’s fighting style right down to the last detail. As you progress through the game, the levels become significantly more challenging and you’ll see mafia bosses taking swings at you that can cause massive damage. However, practice makes perfect and you’ll soon get the hang of it. Bruce Lee: Enter the Game is available on both iOS and Android and is free of charge. 

Pull My Tongue

This is an adorable strategic game featuring Greg the Chameleon, who has his tongue tangled, pinched and electrocuted by various obstacles. David Marquardt is the father of this colourful adventure and he has envisioned that you should help Greg’s tongue find its way around numerous obstacle courses so he can finally get a well-deserved prize – a piece of popcorn. This relaxing yet addictive game is free for download as well, on iOS and Android systems.

Mobile games provide relief and relaxation, a good excuse to put work or studying aside for a bit and try and get to the next level. They are easy to download and set up, well-optimized when it comes to the user experience and have the colourful graphics you won’t be able to resist. The most appealing thing about them is that you can take them with you, wherever you go, for a full, exciting gaming experience. 

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